Hockey Player


Studio portrait with cardboard frame, circa 1920s – 1930s.

Price:  $15.00

Old studio portrait of an unknown hockey player. At first glance, the name of the photography studio appearing at the bottom right seems to be “Press Studio” but upon closer inspection, you can see the imprint of what looks like an “M” before the “P” and before the “M”, the bare suggestion of an “E.” So, it looks like this was taken at “Empress Studio.” Where Empress Studio was located is, at this point, a mystery. (See update below). This photo is part of a large old family album with photos from the 1920’s and 1930’s from the Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick, Canada area. The rest of the photos will be up soon, but this one needed to go up right away, since the Stanley Cup finals have started. There are other possible clues in this photo that need more research, for instance the writing (a paper sticker?) on the stick. It appears to be upside down and to possibly read as “…o to stand the s…” ?? Notice also, the wear on the stick from the player’s right glove. And is that a wide horizontal stripe across the sweater? More research will have to be done at a later date.

And yikes! What happened to the photo? Looks like it was torn in half and then glued back together. Was this guy’s girlfriend mad at him and then they made up?

Update:  Newspaper ads were found for the following photography studios in British Columbia:

The Empress Studio in Victoria, British Columbia. 1305 Government St., Victoria, BC ad in 1917.

The Empress Studio, Main and Hastings, Vancouver, BC in 1923 and another ad showing the address at 112 E. Hastings, Vancouver.

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