Cool Guy With Seaside Backdrop

Cool Guy With Seaside Backdrop1Cool Guy With Seaside Backdrop2

Great Real Photo Postcard of guy in suit and bow tie, posing in front of the photographer’s backdrop of what appears to be a seaside scene. He looks to be about 30 or 40ish, age-wise. Love the expression and the hands behind the back pose.

The backdrop is a scene showing a very long building, possibly a hotel; the type that one might have found in a seaside resort town, that might also house various amusements like arcade machines, a carousel, and a ballroom for dances. You can see five or six beach umbrellas in the foreground which help to identify the type of scene depicted here.

Real Photo Postcard, unused. The AZO stamp box has two triangles pointing up and two pointing down. Guessing this card is from the late 1910s to early ’20s.

Price:  $10.00