Hearty Greetings

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Here’s a beauty sent from Arapahoe, Nebraska in 1913, carrying a message of  “Hearty Greetings.”  This postcard is embossed and shows a little scene of a cottage by a lake or river, with some purple hills and a blue sky in the background, framed by a wreath of alternating dark and light blue forget-me-nots, with some larger blue flowers happily appearing out from the sides. Underneath it all is a gold-tone rectangular bar.

This is another in the Lena Davis collection, and the address shows:  “Miss Lena Davis, Almena, Kans.  R.F. D.”

The sender wrote:  “Aug. 24, 1913. I expect you thought I didnt get your card But I did thank you for sending It. I had some pictures taken at Harry Summers[?] and will send you one If they are any good. You ask last time you wrote how I and E. was getting along/ well we are getting along fine.  – as ever P. C.[?]”

Divided back, embossed, used postcard. Postmarked August 26, 1913 from Arapahoe, Nebraska. Publisher unknown. Series or number 567.

Price:  $5.00