Three Cheers For The Red White And Blue

Three Cheers For The Red White And Blue pc1Three Cheers For The Red White And Blue pc2

Happy 4th!

Who was artist C. Chapman for this 1909 postcard? We found multiple references and many examples of patriotic views identifying this person as New Jersey native, Cyrus Durand Chapman (1856 – 1918). This card, rather the worse for wear and tear, is another from the Alice Ellison Collection, and was sent to,  “Miss Henryetta Ellison, 268 Cheyenne Ave., Pueblo, Colo.”  The sender wrote:

“Dear Sister. I thought I wood drop you a card to let you know I still on the road & well so good By to all. xxxxxxx.”

Divided back, embossed postcard. Postmarked June 22, 1909 from DeBeque, Colorado. Artist:  Cyrus Durand Chapman. Publisher info: “Painting only copyrighted by S. Garre” [Garre or Garret?] Printed in Germany. No. 51668.

Price:  $2.00

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