Hand-Painted Rose

Handpainted Rose pc1Handpainted Rose pc2

Divided back, hand-painted, used postcard. Postmarked April 21, 1911 from San Jose, California. Printed in Germany.

Price:  $1.00

“May loves rarest dearest treasures

Fill life with o’erflowing pleasures,

And this greeting true and tender

Oft remind thee of the sender.”

– W.H.S.

“April 21 – 1911. Dear Ethel. I received your letter. Will write a letter someday when I have time. I hope you are all well. and that Bill is all right again. Larry[?] didn’t go home to day. Will go to morrow. You can come down when ever you want to. Will be glad to see you. May and Alice are well. She walks all over now. Mrs. McGrath – love to all.”

Addressed to:   “Miss Ethel Main, 253 14th st., San Francisco, Calif.”

This Birthday Wishes postcard is much the worse for wear, but it must have really been nice when brand new. The pink is very bright. From scrutinizing the card, that appears to be dirt rather than mold; there is no mustiness, but it’s still kept separate from all the others, just in case. This is part of The Ethel Main Collection, which we haven’t researched yet, but will later. The verse is lovely, but wasn’t found online. So, the identity of the poet W.H.S. is a mystery.

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