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Wonderful London street scene showing the Houses of Parliament. The tower on the left is Elizabeth Tower, but commonly known as the tower of Big Ben. Big Ben is the nickname for the tower’s bell. The horse-drawn wagons here are so interesting, particularly the bigger one with the guy hanging out on the back, looking toward the camera. Too bad we can’t make out more details on the wagons. This is the second card posted on this site with the surname of Bentzen in San Francisco. It’s likely that Charles Bentzen on the “Japanese Ladies” postcard is the older brother of Eleanor, as the address on Shrader Street is the same (per the 1920 census.)

Addressed to:  Mrs. A. Bentzen, 1 Vicksburg St. San Francisco, Californian

As far as I can tell, the card was written in Danish, but I am having trouble translating it. It looks something like:

“Kære Gusta, Kuns disse kort for at forbere de dig at jeg vil sende dig et Brev jeg troer ikke sky[?] edin[?] er min du du sagve[?] i det sidste[?] Brev du fly[?] første[?]. Din Onkel, K..?..”

The second part of the message is harder to read but the first part I think would be translated as something like:

“Dear Gusta. Only sending these cards to let you know that I will send you a letter. I do not believe …?………Your Uncle [starts with a K?]”

Gusta Bentzen was Augusta Bentzen, wife of Hjalmar Bentzen, according to the 1920 Federal Census taken in San Francisco. This census shows Hjalmar Bentzen, born Denmark about 1873, manager of a bakery; his wife Augusta, born Denmark about 1879; their daughter Eleanor, born Denmark about 1904. The family emigrated to the U.S. in about 1905 or 1906. Their address in 1920 was 1445 Shrader St. Daughter Eleanor’s name, written in pencil under the address, is the key to finding the family on this census.

Divided back, used postcard. Postmarked Oct. 5, 1907. Stamp box shows made in France. Front shows “4 London S. W. – The houses of Parliament, – L. L.”

Price:  $15.00

Sources:  Big Ben. n.d. (accessed October 14, 2013).

Year: 1920; Census Place: San Francisco Assembly District 27, San Francisco, California; Roll: T625_142; Page: 8B; Enumeration District: 340; Image: 701. (

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