A Handsome Bearded Gentleman

A Handsome Bearded Gentleman pc1A Handsome Bearded Gentleman pc2

Here’s a Real Photo Postcard showing an oval studio portrait of a handsome guy, maybe in his thirties or early forties, in a dark suit coat and vest, and light colored shirt. This was not fancy attire. We see that the edge of one of the collars is slightly turning up, by accident, and the shirt itself looks to be of a heavier cotton, or even possibly a linen, but that’s an uneducated guess. (Not for the first time, nor will it be the last, I find myself wishing that I were a historical clothing expert!) The gentleman does not wear a tie. We get the impression that he could have been a working man, dressed up in his Sunday best for a photo, or perhaps a college professor. In any case he has a nice demeanor and is very distinguished looking.

Too bad there is no identifying information on this one, as we would love to know his name, or at least where the photo was taken. Besides trying to pin down the date of the postcard from the beard and clothing, a time-consuming endeavor if there ever was one, we have the Artura stamp box to go by. But according to Playle’s, (the excellent website we visit often for stamp box estimates) this Artura style was used between the broad range of about 1908 – 1924. I’d guess it is on the earlier end of these dates though; just a feeling.

Divided back, unused, Real Photo Postcard. Artura stamp box 1908 – 1924. Estimated date circa 1908 – 1915.

Price:  $8.00

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