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Hmmm, well maybe this title is a bit awkward, but here is beautiful photo of a nice-looking, middle-aged gentleman. He has a mustache, and is dressed in a suit, hat and gloves. His shirt shows a band type collar; this type could also be worn with the many varieties of the detachable collar. The hat is banded, and perhaps the style is best described as a bowler a.k.a derby, though if someone can come up with something more exact, do please let me know.

This Real Photo Postcard is unusual because of the border. This is the first I’ve seen like this, and it’s really lovely, although faded at the top. It shows a leaf pattern with a rope design lacing back and forth over the leaves, giving the appearance of the man’s photo being on a canvas, and the rope holding the canvas unfurled for us to view.

Last but not least, it looks like this photo was taken in front of a house that had just recently been built, due to the uneven ground and the scraps of boards in the background.

Divided back, unused Real Photo Postcard. AZO stamp box, circa 1907 – 1918.

Price:  $7.00

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