Posing Pioneer Woman

Woman at Cabin pc1Woman at Cabin pc2

Real Photo Postcard of unknown pioneer-type woman. The pose of this woman reminds me of a character in a play or a book. I thought at first I would turn the card over to the other side and see something about a re-enactment. It reminds me of the book Shepherd Of The Hills by Harold Bell Wright, which I read when about eleven years old, although why it should remind me of this book is unclear to me, as I don’t even remember all of the book’s characters. But, as you can see, there is no such explanation on the back, and nothing to indicate where this postcard came from. It was found in an antique store in California. I’m assuming it was taken somewhere in the United States, but don’t really know. Whoever this woman is though, she certainly looks proud and strong. She is standing in front of a building that has some brickwork and a rather tall set of wooden stairs. Was this her home, a relative’s home? Are we looking at the back of an old general store, or someplace she visited while on vacation? We could think of a million stories for her. And what was up with the really tall set of stairs? Was the building built on the side of hill?

Update:  Here’s a postcard of Old Matt’s Cabin, which I came across later, and just posted. There’s no connection between the two postcards, except for the memory it triggered for me. But not surprisingly, yesterday (at my regular customer service job) I happened to talk to someone from Branson, Missouri. This synchronicity type of thing happens a lot. Heck, maybe this woman here is from Missouri. You never know!

Divided back, unused Real Photo Postcard. Velox stamp box, circa 1907 – 1917.

Price:  $10.00

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