Chief Caping And Jaro

Chief Caping And Jaro pc1Chief Caping And Jaro pc2

Divided back, unused postcard. Publisher:  Sanborn Souvenir Co., Inc., Denver, Colorado. Color by Nesbitt. Printed by, West Nyack, New York. Series 9536-B, Number 3607. Circa 1963.

Price:  $8.00

There is a black and white 1947 postcard online at Princeton University which shows this couple:  Chief Caping and wife Jorro (different spelling) posing next to the sign for the Cliff Dwellings Museum. The sign indicates the museum was founded in 1904. The writing on the back of this one gives the date the postcard was purchased as 1963, and the postcard was stamped, probably by the souvenir shop, in the anticipation that it would be mailed. The stamp says:  “Mailed At Seven Falls, South Cheyenne Cañon. Colorado Springs, Colorado.”

The caption on the back states  “#3607 – Chief Caping and Jaro, Santa Clara Indian dancers at Seven Falls, Colorado Springs, Colorado.”

Source:  Princeton University Digital Library. Western Americana Collection. Chief Caping and Wife, Jorro, Pueblo Indians. Web. 15 June 2014 []/sheetreader.php?obj=r207tp696

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