Greetings From Los Angeles, Cal.

Greetings From Los Angeles Cal pc1Greetings From Los Angeles Cal pc2

Addressed to:  “Mrs. J. M. Ellison, 26th St. & Cheyenne Ave, Pueblo Colo.”

The sender wrote:  “I sent the eye medicine today by Wells Fargo express. I paid the full charges on it so don’t you pay any more.  Dossie”

Lovely German-printed postcard from 1910 from which the stamp had been removed. I am thinking that the flowers are asters. The Wells Fargo reference is interesting. In 1910 the Wells Fargo Wagon (like in the song from The Music Man) would have been delivering goods all over the country. Their website states that in 1910 “the company’s network linked 6,000 locations.” And the Wells Fargo blog listed below indicates that in 1910 motorized trucks started being used in Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Orange, New Jersey, so the delivery referenced on this postcard must of been of the horse-drawn wagon variety.

Divided back, embossed, used postcard. Printed in Germany. Postmarked 1910 from Los Angeles, California. Series 506. Publisher unknown.

Price:  $5.00


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