A Middle Eastern Happy Birthday

Middle Eastern Happy Birthday pc1Middle Eastern Happy Birthday pc2

“Hellow Lizzie. my birthday present. I am sending you this card in advance we received your letter Thursday. will answer soon. I wonder why George Cox dont answer my letter. From your Papa. Mch. 18, 1911”

“Lizzie, I would dearly love to help eat that dinner. Mama[?]

From the charming writing on the card, it seems like Lizzie was born on her papa’s birthday, so he calls her “my birthday present.” And it appears that possibly her mama (or is that Mame?) added a note about wanting to be there for Lizzie’s birthday dinner.

The front of this beautiful card shows a Middle Eastern scene at sunset or sunrise, of a mosque, a minaret, some Italian Cypress trees, some boats on the water, and mountains in the background. The scene is set inside an Islamic architectural style arch, bordered by what looks like a palm tree and coconut design. At the bottom is the message “A Happy Birthday” in lovely, and a little bit unusual type lettering.

Divided back, embossed postcard. Unused with message on the back. Publisher: Julius Bien & Co., New York. Birthday Series 870, No. 8705. Copyrighted 1909. The sender’s message is dated March 18, 1911.


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