Sixth Ave Hotel Guy

Sixth Ave Hotel Guy

Sepia-tone photo of a smiling young man in a suit and straw boater hat, standing in front of the window for the Sixth Avenue Hotel office. Besides the boater, it looks like he is wearing a detachable white shirt collar. These were traditionally a type of stiff collar that came in a variety of styles. The style here looks like it might be a Henley, Cambridge or Ascot. (Check out the great source below for more on collars, and the battle over the stiff versus soft collar.) But as to the date of this photo, I would estimate it to be from the mid to late 1910s or early 1920s.

The surprising thing about researching this one was not being able to find many Sixth Avenue Hotel references. Supreme Court justices were also researched per the notice that appears in the window. It looks like the name at the bottom of the notice is “Chas. R. ” something. When you really look at a photo like this, you start to notice things you hadn’t seen the first few times. For instance, what is the shield-like emblem with the stripes, to the left of the guy’s right hand? (You can almost discern the lettering there, and the emblem itself is so familiar-looking.) And are those electrical wires that we are seeing reflected in the window?  Anyway, this was a fun photo to research and we find that we have yet another mystery to ponder from time to time. But, what I love the most about this photo is this happy guy. What a great smile, and doesn’t he look like just an all-round great person?

Description:  Real photo, non-postal, white border. On Real Photo Postcard type stock. Size:  About 5 and 1/2 x 3 and 1/2″


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