The Lehmann Family With Ikey And Buster

Buster And Ikey And Family pc1Buster And Ikey And Family

At first, we were just willing to place a heavy bet on the identity of the people in this Real Photo Postcard, but then after a little more research….

John M. Lehman or Lehmann, born Illinois about 1868; his wife Malvina V. (Allen) born Kansas about 1875 and most likely their oldest daughter, Florence, born Kansas about 1905; rather than younger daughter, Neva, born Kansas about 1909; and of course, the donkeys, Ikey and Buster.

The sender signs the letter “Mal” and she mentions John, and as for the child’s name mentioned, it looks more like Jennie or Jessie that a possible Flossie or Florrie but maybe whatever is indicated there was Florence’s pet name. By 1920, the family is living in Burrton, Kansas, which is about eleven miles northwest of Halstead.

Eva Gressinger, mentioned below, was the first key to solving the postcard’s mysteries:  Eva’s name turns up in Halstead, Harvey County, Kansas on the 1910 Federal Census, which confirmed the cancellation place for the postcard. The sender writes:

“This is ‘Ikey’ and ‘Buster’ with the family. Dont know who that is peeping thro the trees. Muriel, what is the new doctor doing for you? Hazel, how did you get home from the depot? John is sick again to-day. Guess his trip was too much for him. [ ? ] all in today too. Too much Fair last week. ‘Every body’ asks ‘how the sick cousin is.’ Eva Gressinger was asking about you yesterday. Saw her at [ ? ]. Write! write!   Mal.”

Addressed to:  “Misses Muriel & Hazel Church, Pueblo, Colo. 1217 Spruce.”

Eureka:  Postcard i.d. confirmed!

As for the cousins, Muriel and Hazel, they are two of the children of Russel Jobe Church and Viola Castillo Stout. The “cousin” relationship is confirmed with Viola – she shows up on Ancestry trees as a relative of Malvina. So, for sure, in the photo, this is John and Malvina Lehman and likely Florence (and of course Ikey and Buster).  🙂

Divided back, used, Real Photo Postcard. Postmarked September (year unreadable). Circa 1908, from Halstead, Kansas. AZO stamp box visible underneath the stamp.

Price:  $20.00

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