Another Horse And Buggy RPPC

Another Horse And Buggy RPPC pc1Another Horse And Buggy RPPC pc2

Another Real Photo Postcard with horse and buggy:  this one showing two gents in suits and derby hats. It looks to be maybe late winter, as the trees in the background are not leafed out yet. Also showing is a utility pole, and a house (or church or school?) with a cupola. We see some buildings further back:  the one on the left makes us think this is farm land.

The always helpful website dates this particular Sailboat stamp box as from year 1908.

Divided back, unused, Real Photo Postcard. Sailboat stamp box, circa 1908.

Price:  $4.00

Source:  “Real Photo Postcard Stamp Boxes, R – T.” (Web accessed April 10, 2016.)

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