Killarney, Thro’ The Pass At Gap Of Dunloe

Killarney Thro The Pass At Gap Of Dunloe pc1Killarney Thro The Pass At Gap Of Dunloe pc2

Addressed to:   ” ‘Blue Nurses’ Emerson Hospital, Concord Mass U.S.A.”

The term “Blue Nurses” doesn’t show up online, and with the surrounding quotes by the card sender, it must have been just an affectionate term he or she had for the nursing staff there at that time. Likely their uniforms were blue. (There are many examples that can be found online of vintage nurse uniforms, blue in color.) The sender, someone with a nice sense of humor, wrote an interesting note about his or her adventure in the Gap of Dunloe:

“June 17 – Imagine me on a little Irish poney starting thro’ this gap of Dunloe for 6 1/2 miles. Later on steep and rugged – so rough, in fact, that my poney fell and I went over his head and into a morass at the side of the trail – I’m mended now. I seem to have had trouble to spell pony – Perhaps the fall – I’ve enjoy[ed] my gift so much – M. Copeland.”

Appropriate, the injury and mending story being sent to nurses, eh?

And how ’bout that use of the word  thro’ ?  Multiple dictionary definitions describe it as:  An informal or poetic variant spelling of the word through. It is pronounced the same, just like the common variant that we see nowadays as thru.

Divided back, used postcard. Postmarked June 18, 1929 from Baile Atha Cliath (Dublin) Ireland. Publisher:  The Woolstone Bros., “Renowned” for Local Views. London. E. C. 1. The “Milton” Series. Printed in Saxony.

Price:  $15.00