Feather and Roses

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“Miss Maggie, how are you. We are all well. Hope you are better. It is afful [awful] warm here. By by.” Signed, CEM or LEM? This postcard is postmarked June 5, 1911, Kansas, and addressed to:  Miss Maggie Miller, 805 S. 14th St., St. Joe, MO. The city name in Kansas is cut off but starts NEO, which means this would have been postmarked in Neodesha, Neosha Falls or Neosho Rapids.

Update:  Here’s another card that went to a Miss Maggie Miller. They may be one and the same.

Divided back postcard, white border, printed in Germany, series 7014B. Publisher:  Samson Brothers. Postmarked June 5, 1911.

Price:  $10.00